Bring your idea to life with your fellow citizens.

We believe in the power of imagination and networking. We believe that everyone has a great idea, one which may have the power to change the world around them, or at least make the lives of some people more interesting. We believe that every great idea deserves to go from a concept to become something concrete.

Yes… when we have our flash of genius we want to immediately bring it into reality, but it's at this point where most of us are stopped – by circumstances, lack of funding or support. Not anymore!

Are you an organization, a group, a business or an individual looking to give life to a meaningful project but missing the resources to do so? Are you somebody that, like us, believes that great ideas have the right to become reality? You are in the right place!

Crowdville empowers City Makers

  • Do you have an idea?You‘ll need other stuff then just money to execute your idea. Maybe someone to cover your back. Maybe expert advice. Certainly exposure. You know what? Other city makers are waiting for you. You just have to find them out there. Let's get started by submitting your idea.
  • Are you a Believer? Pay it forward and donate resources. Believe in change. Donate money, services or equipment. Your reward? Depends on the project. Maybe money. Maybe participation. Maybe a gift. Maybe a new friend. Certainly a clear conscience. Support a campaign.
  • Are you part of an organisation? Support ideas, support people. Your organisation can empower people with good intentions and excellent ideas. Your reward? A front seat in our creative backyard. Extra points for social responsability. And heavenly business opportunities. Become a catalyst for change.
  • Are you working for a municipality? Whether you are an innovation manager, city ambassador or mayor, you have one major goal: shaping a better future with your citizens! Crowd Angels offers you the possibility to offer support to City Makers, Believers and Organisations.